Automatically Translate Your Programs With DeepL API

- 15/02/2023 - 18 minutes - Patrick Prémartin


Project localization has always been a sensitive issue when releasing software or mobile applications to the general public. You either need to hire a translator and limit the target languages, or automate everything, or do both.

I decided to show you how to automate your translations in 31 languages in a totally automatic way. Beware, this can't be done in real production on any project because the user interface must sometimes be adapted to word sizes and text lengths.

In this presentation recorded during the DelphiCon 2023 conference and broadcasted on February 15, 2023 I use the API of DeepL to do the translations of the texts of a VCL project and a FireMonkey project under Delphi. In order not to redo the translations several times I also set up a proxy that archives the translations already done and does not ask the translation engine each time.

This session introduces you to the project and quickly explains how it works.

A more in-depth version of this presentation, in French, was made on April 6, 2023. You can see it on this page.

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