How to create a responsive design in a FireMonkey application - Coding Bootcamp 2023

- 18/08/2023 - 59 minutes - Patrick Prémartin


Historically, when programs were made for Windows, pixel-based interfaces were created.

This was the case with VCL and is also possible with FireMonkey for Windows, Mac and Linux, but is not desirable for mobile applications. There are also changes to the size of text and other elements, depending on the styles used, the physical or virtual resolution of the screens, etc.

FireMonkey offers components and properties on visual components to simplify this work and create screens that adapt to real conditions of use without having to code.

This presentation has been recorded by Patrick Prémartin for the Learn Delphi Coding Bootcamp 2023 organized by Embarcadero Technologies.

The shorts demos are available on Apprendre Delphi shorts page.

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